Color libraries module

If you use MeasureColor 15.3 or later, please refer to the section about the Reference Manager (MeasureColor 15.3 and later)

The color libraries module holds all color libraries (color books). A color book can be used for a specific job or it can contain colors needed for reoccurring jobs. Any other color book can be imported if it is in one of the supported formats: CSV / CGATS / CXF1 / CXF3 / MIF. Manual input: MeasureColor can only handle CIE-lab information!

Open the module by clicking on the icon. The window in front of you shows ’My Demo Color Book’, used for explaining the actions in this manual. Select the demo color book and you will see 5 colors.

This window contains 3 zones:

  1. 1) Color book library
  2. 2) Color book
  3. 3) Color

Starting a new library

The buttons at the bottom of each zone correspond to the zone they are in. Starting a new library is done in zone 1. Simply click on the +-icon, fill in a name and choose a dot gain percentage preset.

Add colors to your color book

Adding colors to the color book you just made, can be done in several ways: First you can compose your own colors. In this case you need the CIE-lab values of the colors you would want to add to the color book. Click on the +-icon for ‘Add’.

Pick a patch type in the dropdown. In this case we’ll pick a solid. Give the new solid a name and fill in the values for CIE-lab. Click ‘Save’.

The Patch type dropdown menu contains:

Undefined / Solid / Dot gain / SLUR / Balance / paper white / BHighlights / BMidtones / BShadows / Overprint / Other / Dot gain Only

Difference between patch type selection:
patch type dotgain patch type overprint

Copying and moving color patches between color books

Secondly, now the new color is added to the demo color book, we would like to have the same color in the new color book. Select the new color from the ‘My Demo Color book’ and click on the +-icon for Move/Copy in zone 2.

You can select multiple patches to move at once. In this case, we are just moving the new patch to the new color book. Leave the checkbox unchecked in order to copy the new patch. If checkbox is checked, the patch will not be copied, it will be moved. This means RE-moved from the color book of origin!