From MeasureColor version 18.2 and later, the Advanced statistics module is replaced by the new MeasureColor Reports module

In MC version 18.2 the Advanced statistics module is replaced by MeasureColor Reports Basic. After updating the server to 18.2, the reports installer will be available from the server's start menu. Existing MeasureColor users eligible to update to MeasureColor 18.2 can obtain a license for their MeasureColor Reports Basic module free of charge. You can enjoy all the advanced Statistics functionality and more, using the Advanced search included with MeasureColor Reports.

Note: Your existing presets won't be transferred to reports automatically. Please record all your existing searches before updating to 18.2 or later, as you won't be able to access them after that.

  1. Check with your local reseller whether or not you are eligible to update to 18.2 or later and request your free reports voucher
  2. Record all Advanced statistics searches you want to keep prior to updating to 18.2 or later
  3. Update your MeasureColor server and clients to MeasureColor 18.2 or later
  4. Install Reports on your MeasureColor server and claim your license
  5. Re-create your searches in the Reports Advanced View

more information:

Reports install walkthrough: Installing MeasureColor Reports from the Windows start menu

Directions to re-create presets in MeasureColor Reports Advanced search: recreate AS presets

Access reports from the MeasureColor client

After installing Reports, your Reports can be accessed from the MeasureColor measuring client, using the MeasureColor Reports button. This will open your browser and connect to the Reports server.