A closer look

MeasureColor is developed to make things easy. The software should be self-explanatory to a maximum level, but some things may need some extra attention. We will begin by explaining the new module arrangement. In earlier versions of MeasureColor, we noticed that some of our modules were starting to get a bit obese. To slim things down, we had to rearrange some functionality and make the click-routes more efficient for all our modules.

In the next few pages you can get acquainted with all of our modules (Pro license):

Rearranging functionality does not mean that customers already using MeasureColor will have to learn our software all over again. It simply means that you are now able to work even faster and more effective, without any loss of quality. New customers will be amazed and will need less time than before to understand the software and make it profitable for them to use.

We will now show you what the modules are all about and show you how to use them. Because we rely on the fact that it is highly self-explanatory, we will just show you the basics per module. If you need more information than we are providing here, you can always contact us (info@measurecolor.com).


Except for the System Management module (next page), the order in which we will treat the modules is based on the application level of the modules.