Whitelisting enables you to give certain users selective access to your data. Measurements can be shown/hidden by users with the following user levels: manager, admin, system admin. Measurements hidden this way won't be visible for users that are setup as 'whitelist only'.

  • Enable Whitelisting on the Reports server. Goto the General settings under the SYSTEM SETTINGS tab and check 'Enable whitelisting'
  • Check the [Whitelist only] checkmark when creating users that should see the whitelisted measurements only
  • Go to the Whitelist management by clicking the Whitelisting link under the Management tab → Data to hide or show certain measurements

More detailed info on how to hide / show measurements can be found here: Whitelist management


  • When creating a new user as an admin, the admin has to determine wether they can see whitelisted only or all measurements.
  • When creating a new user through “Single Sign On” (next: SSO), we will check the server settings to determine if they can see whitelist only measurements. When the server has whitelisting enabled, this new SSO users will only see whitelisted measurements.