Whitelist management

  • Whitelisting enables you to hide or show selective measurements for users that were created as 'Whitelist only'
  • Users with a manager, admin, system admin user level have access to Whitelist management
  • Whitelisting should be enabled in the System settings before use, see Whitelisting for more information

  1. Select a Company and Customer to find the job
  2. Select a time range to narrow your search. You can use the quick links Yesterday | Last 7 days | Always
  3. From the resulting shortlist select the job by clicking on it, the list of measurements appears, with the preview of the score per measurement and the 'normal' and 'whitelist' score of the job as shown to a 'whitelist only' user

  • You can show / hide a measurement by clicking on it
  • Shown measurements are indicated with a little eye icon
  • Jobs that have whitelisted measurement also have the little eye
  • In this example, note how the whitelist score is 85 instead of 77 because the shown measurements have scores of 82 and 88