MeasureColor Connections

From this dialog you can manage existing connections and create new connections to MeasureColor servers.

New connection

By clicking the [+New connection] button a dialog is shown enabling you to input the company. A key for that company will be created automatically.



The automatically generated key to be linked to this company. Use this key to create a data link between your Reports server and a MeasureColor server. Go to MeasureColor's System management to input this key under System→External Reports.


In the MeasureColor Connections dialog all keys will be of the MeasureColor type. Use the 'External Databases' dialog to create and manage keys for non-MeasureColor servers.


The company this key is linked to as entered during key creation.


The admin that created this key.


Timestamp of the last activity. This can aid in establishing a connection with a remote MeasureColor as it shows you whether or not a connection succeeded and when it was the last time data was sent through this key.


Whether or not this key is currently active.


This shows you whether a MeasureColor connection is available or in use. This is important as any connection can be used by one server only. Create a new connection is you need to add a server and none of the connections is availabe. Licens restrictions may apply.


Toggle the status between ACTIVE or DISABLED (temporarily).


Remove the active key (permanently).

Adding the key to MeasureColor

  • Go to the System management module on the MeasureColor server.
  • Go to System → External reports.
  • In the Overview of external Reports servers click the [Add] button.

  • Select Reports as Server type.
  • Name the connection with Connection name.
  • Type the URL where your Reports install can be reached from your PC.
  • Use the Reports generated key and set this as Verification Token.
  • Tick the Send every measurement automatically to synchronize at all times with the Reports server.
  • Tick the Enable connection after creation
  • Press the blue [Test Connection] button. After some time (this can take a while as the system waits for a response from the server).

If the configuration is valid the interface will show that with a green check sign and the connection can be saved by pressing [Update].

If a red cross appears check your settings in both MeasureColor and Reports.