Logging in

  1. Your logo (depending on your license level)
  2. Your credentials as you received by email.
  3. Press the login button

Home screen

In the home screen, you see a search bar, a set of icons with recently used views, and a set of icons with favorite views if you have any. In the search bar, you can type in any keyword or phrase that can be found in the database whether it is names of presses, clients, jobs, or operators.

Search bar and date range

As soon as you start typing a keyword a data range indicator appears, in this case setting the dates used in the last search. If you click somewhere in the displayed range a pop-up appears enabling you to set a date range mode and setting.

Search results

Clicking through the tabs

When we click the machines tab the list of found machines is shown instead of the Jobs. Now we can click on a machine to see the details.

Selecting a view

Here you get an overview of available views for “machines”, in this MACHINE1. Please note that this is fully configurable and you might have more views to choose from.

After clicking the “Machine details” the Machine details report is shown.

Other tabs might show more views to choose from.

Detail screen and click-throughs

Many views will show you more detailed information when the pointer hovers over the graph, and in many cases, you can click to open a view with more detailed information. This enables you to 'zoom in' on your data.

Use the 'loupe' icon buttons to enlarge individual graphs. And in the next view, you can get even more details by clicking through again.

Views tab

The views tab gives you direct access to global views and dashboards. Use the click-through functionality to 'zoom in' on your data.