External Reports servers

From MeasureColor Reports 21.2 and higher, it is possible to send data to another Reports server. This works more or less in the same way as it does with a MeasureColor to Reports transfer:

  • The receiving Reports server adds a connection in the “MeasureColor connections” section. The manager of this server should provide you with a token for the connection.
  • The sending Reports server is set up to either send all measurements or to manually send measurements when requested.

Note: Sending data to another server cannot be undone

Sending Reports server set up

The setup is available from the System Settings menu, open the section “External Reports servers”

  1. Click [Create], an input form opens
  2. Give your new connection a clear name
  3. Enter the URL where the receiving MeasureColor Reports server can be reached
  4. Enter the token you received from the manager of the receiving MeasureColor Reports server
  5. Select whether you want to send all measurements or selected (manual per job) measurements. If you select all measurements set a date for the oldest transferred measurement as well
  6. Check the Enabled checkmark
  7. Use the [Test connection] button to test if the values you entered were valid and the server is available
  8. When the test is OK, use the [Create] button to finalize the connection

Sending measurements manually

You can select measurements to send from the Tools menu → Data transfer. Select a server and click [Send data]. This view is available from user level 'manager' or higher.

Select Company and Customer

After setting, a job list will appear. Set a time window to prevent the list from getting very long.

Select Job and Measurements

Select the Job from the list, a list with rows of measurements will appear. You can set/reset the measurements for transmission by clicking the rows. An icon will appear for every row that is selected. When you have made the selection click the [Send measurements] button.

Checking the transmission

You can check the transmission at any time by revisiting the [Send data] tool. All transferred measurements will be marked with a checkmark.