Continuous improvement

MeasureColor Production 24.2 new features and improvements:

  • Added measurement conditions to several places in the UI
  • Now showing NetProfiler status when using an X-Rite eXact
  • Save a single measured color sample as a reference
  • Added support for Ci62, 64 and 64UV
  • Support for CxF/4 exports
  • Added support for exporting a single measurement PQX
  • Added an exporter for GMG Profile Editor
  • Added more APIs to make integration with automatic job setups easier
  • For HP Indigo workflow, easy LUT-curve optimization
  • Added support for the Patlight stack light
  • In MultiSpot, when opening the roll panel, we focus directly on the input field to make it easier to use with barcode scanners.


Bug fixes:


  • In MultiSpot, we fixed an issue where the job’s last edit date didn’t change after adding a sample + we fixed an issue when averaging is active and  warnings would be shown when samples are in tolerance
  • With Auto job setup, we fixed an issue where overprints might not work correctly and an issue where Auto job setup would search targets in different color books.
  • Fixed an issue where the selected landing page wasn’t used when selected in the machine.
  • Improved scaling when a traffic light view is used
  • Improvements when Powershell is in constrained mode in the installer
  • Fixed an issue where an empty graph would  be shown in the printability report
  • Now, taking tolerances from the tolerance set when showing reports
  • Improvements in usability when activating a license offline
  • Fixed an issue where MeasureColor would crash when entries were missing in the license
  • Now checking the version of the Techkon device drivers and warning the user when it’s outdated
  • Updated the SDK for Veoria measurement devices
  • Updated the CxF implementation to add more data and increase compatibility with other applications
  • Added additional color measurement conditions to MCX
  • Updated the machine creation interface in System Management
  • Now, showing a message when the selected preset has more colors than the machine can use
  • In Reference Manager now only shows relevant conditions when importing a file
  • Added more translations for the French language
  • GMG OpenColor importer is now taking only one paperwhite from a GMG OpenColor project
MeasureColor Reports 24.2 new features and improvements:
  • Changed data transfer from and to MeasureColor Reports to use a different format
  • Updated to .NET8
  • Compatibility improvements for PQX exports
  • Added visual defects to PQX exports
  • File exports now contain job number, description, and measurement number
  • Now showing visual defect names in Visual defects report
  • Add opacity to several reports
  • Add MultiSpot DeltaE report
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed incorrect URL to wiki from database utility
  • Fixed a bug where a user couldn’t be deleted

MeasureColor 24.1 new features and improvements:

  • Support for X-Rite EyeOne Pro3
  • Support for Nix SpectroL
  • Support for averaging (spot) measurements
  • Spectral engine is now capable of handling multiple spectral curves (M-conditions) at the same time
  • Job lists are now optimized for wide screen displays
  • Job lists will now remember column width and sorting
  • Automatic Import process (KBA Ergotronic, Heidelberg ImageControl, Komori PDC, BST eltromat iPQ Sectral, Veoria DeltaOne) will now pause on warnings and messages
  • Updated Variable Inc Spectro Bridge driver
  • Added roll number to measurement list
  • Improved error check for GMG OpenColor connections from the System Management module
  • MeasureColor Server will automatically attempt to update its license when license date or MCSA date is about to expire

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where ChromaTrack and G7 calculations could cause a crash when important patches required for calculation are indicated as DUDs
  • Fixed some smaller issues when transferring measurements from MeasureColor to MeasureColor Reports
  • Fixed an issue where Spot Color Tool accepts measurements from devices that are in uncalibrated state
  • Fixed an issue where Density M-condition does not update after change when not supported by device
  • Fixed an issue where MeasureColor would show a measurement device is in scan mode, while it was still in spot mode

MeasureColor Reports 24.1 new features and improvements:

  • Added additional data to PQX exports
  • Measurement Frequency report now has a clickthrough from the new job indicator

​MeasureColor 23.2 new features and improvements:

  • Updating of GMG OpenColor color books can be automated using the Windows task manager. Read more on how to synchronize GMG OpenColor projects
  • MeasureColor now supports the Veoria Delta One device! Read more about the features of the Veoria integration
  • Re-measure button can now be hidden for user groups
  • The number of messages about a missing PantoneLIVE license are greatly reduced
  • The ALT-M hotkey will only be active when a triggerable device is active
  • System management now shows information on the database connection
  • Save as Reference function is available in MultiSpot
  • A GMG logo is shown for color books that are imported via GMG OpenColor
  • It is now possible to manually start an update of an GMG OpenColor color book via the Update button

Bug fixes:

  • G7BlackNpdc is now also calculated for PatchSummary

​MeasureColor Reports 23.2 new features and improvements:

  • New version of Database Utilities simplifies installation procedures for different situations
  • Improved Machine dot gain report
  • New and improved MultisPot job report
  • Added notification system so users can be notified of upcoming maintenance
  • Notify system admins when background PDF service has stopped
  • Job Calendar does not select all companies by default upon opening
  • Plugins now show message when no data is available to display
  • Improved performance for the Advanced Search report
  • Added proper sorting issues in a number of list menus

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where scheduled reports would not update the date range properly
  • Fixed an issue in job reports where double inks would not show up properly in trend lines
  • Many smaller fixes and performance improvements

MeasureColor Reports 23.1 new features and improvements:

  • Update to .NET 7.0
  • Update SQLServer Management Studio installer to 18.12.1
  • Improvements to installer procedure
  • Bar graphs with OK sheet now show original and OK sheet score
  • Job scorecard now shows production measurements only
  • Optimization of user permission calculations
  • Optimization to predefined date range filters
  • Add performance counters for database-related operations
  • Job report: Fixed an issue with scaling of attribute gauges
  • Many minor fixes and improvements
  • Improvements to a number of customized report views

MeasureColor 22.2

Updated system requirements: SQL Server version 2016 (13.x) and later

Important note for XRite 530/939 users:
We will be ending support for 530/939 instruments with our next version. These devices will continue to work in version 22.2, but they are considered end-of-life and will stop working in our next version 22.3/23.1. Please transition to XRite eXact or any other supported device of your choice so you can stay up to date with our future releases.

MeasureColor 22.2 new features and improvements:

  • Updated to dotnet 4.8 as dotnet 4.6 has been declared end of life
  • Added compatibility for Windows Server 2022
  • Licenses can now be activated using registered email address and license key only
  • Added new demo database for new installations
  • Added support for XRite eXact2
  • Added calculation for undertones (same Lightness) to ProcessControl module
  • Color bar scan now allows remeasurement of individual patches
  • Added Visual defects evaluation to Balanced scorecard view
  • Several improvements to maintain compatibility with XRite CCATool
  • Added HP Indigo LUT exporters to CTP feature
  • Measurement dates and times are now shown in local time zone with information about the original time and time zone
  • Added current username and license level to window title
  • Added function to monitor which workstation is currently logged into the system
  • Allow specific color bar patches to be excluded from scoring
  • Save as reference function now allows immediate creation of printing condition and substrate
  • Allow ChromaTrack automatic density correction to be applied automatically
  • Duplicated jobs are opened automatically directly after creation

MeasureColor Reports 22.2

  • Complete overhaul of the MCR user interface
  • Per report improvements in look and feel, performance, stability
  • Optimized PDF report generation
  • New job calendar view
  • New machine dot gain behavior report
  • New customer quality performance report
  • New Ink metrics report (most used inks, best/worst inks)
  • Measurement devices in use (name, brand, serial)
  • System overview report shows number of plants, jobs, measurements
  • Overall speed and stability improvements

MeasureColor 22.1 new features and improvements:

  • X-Rite eXact Autoscan productivity enhancements:
    • Added onscreen button to trigger EAS laser guide
    • Optimized need for instrument substrate white calibration
    • Removed maximum patch count per measurement
  • X-Rite eXact improvements:
    • Removed need for substrate white measurement in scan mode if not needed
    • Added support for Nix Spectro2 (USB)
  • Other improvements:
    • Job setup warns when SPIN and SPEX target patches are used in the same job
    • Updated Teamviewer Remote Support application to the latest version

Bug fixes

Fixed a potential issue with Dotnet ATOM pool that could lead to OutOfMemory errors

MeasureColor 21.3 new features and improvements:

  • New user interface for flexo and gravure operators in ProcessControl module:
    • Overview of all job inks and and tone value deviations in a single view
    • Warn operators for imbalance between left and right side of a roll
    • Detailed view per ink showing all relevant information
    • Show/hide the MeasureColor TrafficLight if desired
    • Default landing view (Operator, Gamut, legacy Flexo Stream view) can be set per press
    • Support for Sphere based MIF files
  • Improvements to Techkon device connections

MeasureColor 21.2 new features and improvements:

  • MultiSpot: Added feature to send MCX based print Quality data to external Reports server
  • MultiSpot: Added support for Visual defects
  • MultiSpot: Added Tools menu and functions to better align with other modules
  • MultiSpot: Added an option to disable incoming measurements on the Spot detail view
  • MultiSpot: Added support to set and store Roll numbers
  • MCX: Added support for PantoneLIVE
  • MCX: Added additional locking of PrintQuality meta data fields
  • Auto Job Setup: Added option to extend the maximum number of jobs shown in the job list
  • PantoneLIVE: Increased performance of job setup where PantoneLIVE is used
  • Generic: Added new machine type ‘Gravure’
  • Generic: Allow job info to be shown before a measurement has been added

MeasureColor 21.1 new features:

  • MeasureColor Exchange (MCX): streamline color communication between brand owners, premedia and print suppliers
  • New subscription based ‘MeasureColor QA’ license level
  • GMG OpenColor connection: Import GMG color targets directly from OpenColor
  • Integration improvements to BST eltromat iPQ Spectral to automatically handle new color bar definitions
  • New UI for Reference Management module allowing more easy management of printing conditions and color targets
  • Option to add new print quality reporting related metadata to MeasureColor presets and jobs
  • Option to define receiving MeasureColor Reports server per job (was: per customer)
  • Added option to userProfiles to allow transmission of print quality data
  • Send print quality information to external MeasureColor Reports server with ease
  • Moved Measurement workflow setting from userProfile section to machine settings
  • Improved UI for managing target dot gain curves
  • Added an option to UserProfiles to disable certain XRite Intellitrax options for press operators


  • License management shows ‘last updated’ information
  • Various performance improvements when recalculating/updating job scores

MeasureColor 20.3 new features:

  • Support for Konica Minolta MYIRO-1
  • Improved data recording workflow for KBA Ergotronic
  • Support for Werma Kombisign 72 USB Signal Tower
  • Support for Esko CurvePilot .ted curve files

Various improvements:

  • Extended support for device geometry to CxF and CSV reference exchange
  • Improved handling of CxF3 files that contain multiple measurement conditions
  • Image module: Image files can now be exchanged while editing a preset
  • Updated build-in user manual
  • Improved data-transfer to prevent time-outs during job set-up when network connections are slow

Most important bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where some KBA Ergotronic files could not be imported
  • Fixed Status page for Reports servers
  • Fixed an issue where the PQM dialog for PhotoType users scaled incorrectly

MeasureColor 20.2 new features:

  • Added support for XRite ColorCert Scorecard API
  • Improved functionality for Visual defects, Color registration and Barcode grading
  • Retrieve Netprofiler status on applicable XRite spectrophotometers
  • Track measurement device usage per measurement (available for Techkon SpectroDens, SpectroDrive, SpectroJet, XRite EyeOne Pro1/Pro2, eXact, 530, 939, SpectroEye, Intellitrax v1/v2, BST eltromat iPQ Spectral, Variable Inc Spectro1)
  • ProcessControl module: Record roll numbers with ease on flexo machines
  • Automatically use XRGA transformation for XRite Intellitrax v1
  • Improved Reports data transfer progress and error indication
  • MeasureColor Job Setup routine now allow up to 12 custom data fields

MeasureColor 20.1 new features:

  • Support for Variable Inc Spectro 1
  • X-Rite eXact AutoScan enhancements (3mm patch size, scan/spot switching)
  • Spot color target matching during Job setup
  • Support for transferring PantoneLIVE based jobs to Reports
  • Added section ‘Global settings’ to Management Module

Various other improvements:

  • ProcessControl module: GrayFinder corrections are now sent to Reports for detailed gray balance analysis
  • ProcessControl module: Added support for Intellitrax2 foot pedal
  • ProcessControl module: Improved Rutherford closed-loop support for light spot colors
  • ProcessControl module: Reduce number of warnings for Intellitrax in case of missing spectral targets
  • ProcessControl module: Improved indication of OK-sheets and Custom References
  • ProcessControl module: Improved support for PantoneLIVE and Spot Color Tone Value (SCTV)
  • ProcessControl module: Added support to measure dot gain for spot colors while using G7 for process colors
  • ColorDrive module: Added support for BST iPQ Spectral inline systems
  • Spot Color Tool: Remember last selected color book
  • Spot Color Tool: Added list of recently used target colors
  • Spot Color Tool: Added Print screen button
  • Spot Color Tool: Added date/timestamp to interface (and print screen)
  • MultiSpot module: Opacity measurement added (license restrictions may apply)
  • MultiSpot module: Added an option to display absolute densities or delta-density
  • MultiSpot module: Updated job info view
  • Reference Manager module: Ink info2 field now supports multi-line input
  • Generic: Added scale to CIE-L graphs
  • Generic: Do not send MeasureColor demo data to Reports on a clean install

Most important bug fixes:

  • MultiSpot module: Fixed an issue where custom data fields were not copied when duplicating a job.
  • Spot Color Tool module: Fixed an issue where custom tolerances were not applied
  • AutoSVF Importer module: Fixed an issue where the application could crash when a measurement is imported for a non-existing job
  • Image module: Fixed an issue where ChromaTrack best match would work on PantoneLIVE colors
  • Remote clients: Fixed an issue where the application could crash if a remote company had no machine assigned
  • Generic: Fixed an issue where automatic connection setup between MeasureColor and MeasureColor Reports would not work

MeasureColor 19.2 new features:

  • MeasureColor can now be set up for UGRA or Balanced Scoring
  • Added the X-Rite eXact Auto-Scan measurement device
  • Added the Datacolor CHECK 3 Portable Sphere Spectrophotometer
  • Improved MakeReady status visibility, MakeReady button now toggles the currently displayed measurement
  • MultiSpot ‘new sequence’ button now shows when it is set to ‘auto’
  • Performance and stability improvements

MeasureColor 19.1 new features:

  • Support for BST eltromat SmartDataPreparation / iPQSpectral job setup (addon)
  • Supports KBA Ergotronic measurements to be imported in ProcessControl Module (addon)
  • Ability to register Visual Defects in Process Control module
  • Improvements to ChromaTrack Automatic Density adjustments and Density Channel selections
  • Improvements to G7 analysis in case of ink zone based measurements
  • Improved usability for reviewing dotgain and CTP curves
  • Performance and stability improvements

MeasureColor 18.2 new features:

  • Support for XRite Ci64 sphere spectrophotometers
  • Improved support for inline measurement systems
  • Ultra efficient data storage
  • Support for ISO 18620 standard CTP curves
  • Selecting a density filter during measurements

MeasureColor 18.1 new features:

  • Operator oriented G7 Grayscale and G7 Targeted analysis tools
  • MeasureColor Grayfinder technology and interface to optimize any gray balance standard with ease
  • Automatic ChromaTrack Best Match Density corrections
  • Spot Color Tone Value (SCTV, ISO 20654:2017)
  • Tolerance per color
  • New easy to understand ChromaTrack Best Match visual indicators
  • Full integration of M-conditions (M0, M1, M2, M3) in all modules
  • Full support of latest Techkon and XRite measurement devices
  • Support for BST/Eltromat iPQ Spectral inline measurements
  • Ability to disable specific color bar patches during job setup
  • New job setup workflow for Image module
  • Usability improvements for Reference Manager module
  • Usability improvements for ColorBar Editor module
  • Usability improvements to device calibration and measurement functions
  • Installs Techkon TDService v2.x for support of new generation measurement devices (full client installer)
  • Dud patches are ignored from average calculations (Intellitrax workflows)
  • Support for SSL based server connections
  • Data is no longer deleted from the database but archived
  • Various bug fixes
  • System stability and performance enhancements

MeasureColor 17.2 new features:

  • Remote printers can now install clients workstations with ease
  • Client software is updated automatically upon server upgrade
  • Custom translations are now managed from the Server’s Management Module
  • Warnings are shown upon user login when server hard disk or database runs out of space
  • Native XRite Intellitrax v2 support
  • Option to lock color books to prevent editing
  • Added ‘first run’ procedure to configure server connection and measurement devices quickly
  • Performance improvements when working with very large color books (10.000+)
  • Spot Color Tool now uses separate tolerances for process and spot colors
  • Many smaller system performance improvements and improved memory management

MeasureColor 17.1 new features:

  • MutliSpot new job setup structure
  • MultiSpot new presets can be generated without inks specified
  • MultiSpot: force measurement of substrate after job creation (ChromaTrack)
  • All new job setup structures: ability to add multiple inks at once
  • CDS module new job setup structure
  • PantoneLIVE TVI calculation improvements
  • PantoneLIVE speed improvements
  • ProcessControl module: measure opacity for white ink (switch on/off via Tolerance Set)
  • Management module: New Tolerance Set page layout (better usability, import/export options)
  • Reference Manager: ‘Search by measurement’ results are displayed with delta-Lch of potential matches

MeasureColor 16.2 new features:

  • Reference Manager wizard to create references and printing conditions with ease
  • Reference Manager new ICC importer supports N-Color profiles up to 15 colors
  • Reference Manager new ICC importer can make use of spectral (cgats) data from profile
  • Reference Manager new CGATS.17 file importer
  • ProcessControl jobs can now be assigned to remote printers, printers only need light weight MeasureColor client
  • ProcessControl module: Added support for various 3rd party Print Quality Management Systems using web services
  • ProcessControl module now supports easy data transfer to Phototype PQM
  • ProcessControl module Focus patch: let your operators focus on tone values or solids
  • Custom reference feature enhancements for ink zones
  • Custom reference feature for non-ink zone based jobs
  • ProcessControl ink zones graph scaling
  • ProcessControl ChromaTrack indicator graph scaling
  • AutoJob setup now displays missing reference colors if needed
  • Support for XRite eXact XP
  • Various smaller enhancements and optimizations for data exchange with MeasureColor Reports

MeasureColor 16.1 new features:

  • UserProfiles: tune software functions for specific use cases (typical operator, advanced quality manager, etc.)
  • Complete new job setup procedures with simple, standard and advanced workflows. Selected via UserProfiles
  • Flexibles module: new measurement module focused on operators in flexible packaging (included in MeasureColor Pack)
  • Export color measurements to Ink Formulation software for quick ink corrections (included in MeasureColor Pack)
  • New Reference Manager module to manage all color references and printing conditions with ease
  • Save a measurement as new color reference (color book) from ProcessControl module
  • New SpotColor Tool for quick, ad-hoc color analysis. Quickly compare against measurement or stored reference.
  • Improved flexibility for automated, MIS based job setup
  • Job lists now show last production jobs for quick production analysis
  • Check and correct job setup errors before saving a job
  • Advanced login options allows choice of measurement devices to load during startup
  • Import, export and duplicate color bars straight from Colorbar Editor module
  • Windows 10 compatible
  • Improved installers check and download proper SQL server version upon installation
  • Many smaller usability improvements

MeasureColor 15.1 new features:

  • Easy to understand License System
  • Simplified installation, new installer covers everything
  • Automatic configuration
  • Seamless PantoneLIVE integration
  • Supports the NEW x-Rite eXact for Spot, Scan and BlueTooth
  • Improved Techkon device connections
  • Expanded filter techniques to find jobs and measurements instant
  • Countless small performance improvements