X-Rite ColorCert

Send quality measurement data to your customer’s ColorCert ScoreCard servers

More and more print suppliers need to provide quality feedback to their customers, the brand owners. Some brand owners use solutions for print quality management that are not easy to use in a pressroom because some tools are not designed specifically for press operators.

With MeasureColor, during production, you store all measurements in its database. The Quality manager analyzes the measurements and selectively pushes them to the ColorCert ScoreCard server with a click-of-a-button — no interpretation, pure XRGA-measurements, hassle-free, and entirely under your control. With one easy-to-use solution in the pressroom, you save on additional training for your operators, and they don’t lose precious production time.

MeasureColor’s open communication structure allows sending print quality data to many 3rd-party Print Quality Program systems, including Schawk ColorDrive, Phototype PQM, X-Rite ColorCert ScoreCard, etc.
Please also check our section on MeasureColor Reports.