Users and system setup

System setup, user profiles, and software updates

There are two MeasureColor applications – MeasureColor Production and MeasureColor Reports. MeasureColor Production is our application for print process control and quality control of individual print jobs. MeasureColor Reports collects all measurement data and shows print quality reports, performance dashboards, trend graphs, and benchmark information.

All four flavors of MeasureColor Production – QA, Basic, Pro and Pack – are server-client application suites and run on any modern Windows PC/server infrastructure. You can install both server and client on a single PC, but production plants typically store all data on a central server and install the clients on individual PCs, where you need them during print production or print verification. Larger enterprises either install a server per production location or connect all production plants to one centrally installed server. You can run MeasureColor Production also from your private cloud environment.

MeasureColor Production has a comprehensive web-based management system to set up the configuration precisely as needed. Configure printing presses, tolerance sets, color target libraries, color bars, measurement conditions, automated (XML and MIS based) job setup, and much more on the central server. Manage user accounts and user profiles. Not all users need the same functions or the same access level. MeasureColor’s user profile management lets you create specific features and functions for different user groups, e.g., for operators, quality managers, and system managers.

MeasureColor software updates of the clients is also managed from the central server. Simply update the central server, and when the operator activates the client, it updates automatically to the updated centrally installed version — no waste of precious IT time, no need to update the different clients individually.

MeasureColor is currently available in the following languages: US English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Spanish, and both traditional and simplified Chinese.

MeasureColor Reports is a technology that runs on any modern Windows PC/server infrastructure. You access the data and reports via your preferred web browser from any desktop or mobile device. Manage user accounts and user profiles on the central server. Not all users need the same access level and information. MeasureColor’s user profile management lets you create different user groups, e.g., internal process improvement, external QA-reporting, separate plant managers, etc.