User interfaces

Users see views that are specific to their printing process. This speeds up the printing process. There is no time for waste.

MeasureColor offers different landing views for its users because it is used for many different print techniques, where each has its specific workflow and methods. Depending on the type of user and what you measure – colors in the images, independent patches, small QA-targets, or long process control color bars – results are displayed so operators immediately understand what to do. No additional tabs, and all information in one nice overview.

MeasureColor converts all the color scientific data into clear operator instructions. In most views, we use simple indicators to help operators quickly decide how to correct:

  • A green checkmark indicates that all is OK
  • An arrow up requires an increase in ink film thickness on the substrate
  • An arrow down implies a decrease in ink film thickness
  • A warning sign indicates potential ink recipe problems.

For digital workflows, we recommend the traffic light view. These simple indicators help reduce make-ready time and waste because they show if a correction requires the operator’s quick and easy intervention or if he needs help from colleagues.

Get precise information to correct solids, dot gains, overprints, gray balance, left-to-right balance, substrate, visual defects, bar code readability, color-to-color registration, etc.; Check individual ink zones, create CTP-compensation curves, view measurement score, control print run trends, and export to ink formulation software. It’s all at your fingertip.

With MeasureColor’s typical large buttons and icons, you get even more ease of use in the press room with a touch screen. No need for a keyboard or mouse at the press.