Signal tower support

Easy to connect signal tower that helps your press operator to work efficiently

MeasureColor connects to the Werma KombiSIGN 72 signal tower via USB. The five-colored lights, blue-white-green-amber-red, show measurement status. The press operator takes action based on the light indicator without sitting in front of the MeasureColor monitor.

This signal tower is typically used in combination with our auto-import technology for measurement data coming from automatic in-line spectral measuring devices.

The signal tower shows:

  • Red – Amber – Green as solid lights during ‘production mode’ and as blinking lights during ‘make-ready’ mode. This indicates whether the measurements are in tolerance or not.
  • Blue light means that the auto-importer is running and waiting for new measurements.
  • White light warns the operator when the auto-importer is ‘paused’, and no data is coming in.

It is a simple plug-and-play system without the need for system driver installation. Just update your MeasureColor to the latest version, and the auto-client updater installs everything.