Manual & automated Job Setup

Don’t waste time setting up print jobs and increase your productivity

Almost all functions in MeasureColor are job-based. For each print run, you create a MeasureColor job. Such a MeasureColor job contains all elements the press operator needs to check print quality and color accuracy during make-ready and the whole production run.

The most important job elements are:

  • Color targets – Digital color targets, either master or substrate-specific color targets. Color targets can be spectral or Lab.
  • Measure positions – Color bar specifications or measure points in the image area.
  • Quality tolerance – The ∆E bandwidth for the press operator to get a good print quality score as it was agreed with the customer.
  • Measurement conditions – A number of specific settings for the measuring devices that apply to a particular job.

All measurements taken during the print run are stored in the MeasureColor job and give a complete overview of the production quality.

Thanks to MeasureColor’s job-presets, the job setup procedure is very easy and fast. Job presets work as a template. Manual job setup based on job preset takes no more than half a minute.

You can take it a step further by automating the job setup, which reduces errors and typos. It makes print quality analysis much more accurate, and the press operators don’t lose precious time. The automated job setup works by parsing specific XML files which hold the necessary job details like job number, name, color references, etc. The system is very flexible, but the more information you provide in the XML file, the less the operator must tweak before measuring. The press operator enters the job number or scans the barcode on the physical job jacket and starts measuring immediately.

Most of our customers use the power of Esko Automation Engine or Hybrid Cloud Flow to set up MeasureColor jobs automatically. Still, MeasureColor connects to any XML-based prepress workflow technology.

Our users save hundreds of hours of manual work each year.