Ink zone analysis & closed loop

Speed-up ink key adjustments and save time during press set-up

With MeasureColor, you can measure the complete control bar across all ink zones in just a few seconds. The software converts the spectral measurement data into easy-to-understand information such as dot gain, solids density, gray balance, overprint, etc., per ink zone. MeasureColor helps the operator to take a right corrective action quickly. You check each ink zone and ink key, set OK sheets, convert measurements to color targets, etc. to improve print quality and print-run consistency.

We support industry-standard and custom-designed color bars. MeasureColor has an innovative color bar builder with an intelligent way to position colors in the correct sequence and appropriate color placeholders. When your device can measure it, we can handle it. The press operator can change the color sequence at the last minute according to the position on the press.

MeasureColor drives many scanning and auto-scanning spectral measurement devices such as BSTeltromat IPQ Spectral, X-Rite Intellitrax, X-Rite eXact Scan and AutoScan, Techkon SpectroDens Techkon SpectroJet and SpectroDrive, KonicaMinolta MYIRO-1. MeasureColor imports data directly from Heidelberg ImageControl, Komori PDC, and KBA ErgoTronic

Need full automation, then consider connecting MeasureColor to Rutherford’s ClosedLoop technology. Its automatic ink key adjustment saves set-up time, improves color stability during the print run, and reduces your paper and ink waste.

MeasureColor’s open communication structure allows sending print quality data to many 3rd-party Print Quality Program systems, including Schawk ColorDrive, Phototype PQM, X-Rite ColorCert ScoreCard, etc.
Please also check our section on MeasureColor Reports.