HP Indigo calibration

Compensate for color drift – quickly

You are losing significant time with the calibration process of your HP Indigo presses. Users report between 20 minutes and up to an hour. At the same time, you experience regular color drift during production.

Improve machine up-time
With MeasureColor, you quickly bring your HP Indigo within calibration standards by measuring a small color bar. In under a minute, you compensate for color shifts and continue your production.

Every printing technique (flexo, offset, gravure, digital, etc.) shows technology-specific color variations throughout print runs and between print jobs. With HP Indigo presses, depending on the model, these color drifts occur regularly during the day/week. Operators perform a re-calibration process to overcome these color drifts, but this takes quite some time and influences overall productivity.


Download the guidelines

This downloadable PDF shows an example of how it works. The example explains how you compensate for color drift with MeasureColor when calibrating your HP Indigo using a linear LUT, GMG Color Server, and GMG OpenColor. This methodology also works when your HP Indigo uses EXP05 or any other lookup table and when using different color management and profiling tools.

Please contact us when you have specific HP Indigo workflows. We’re confident we can help you increase productivity.