GMG OpenColor

GMG OpenColor targets as your single source of truth

The goal is to achieve proper color accuracy and color consistency. Your customers see on their proof what they expect to see in print. With every print run, you want to match the color targets – this is your customer’s expectation.

MeasureColor connects to GMG OpenColor and allows easy import of OpenColor color targets directly into MeasureColor’s Reference Manager. The color targets used in the digital proofing stage become the same for the print run. MeasureColor imports process and spot color libraries, as you’ve set them up in your GMG OpenColor projects.

Improve process control
With the proper color targets available in MeasureColor, the press operator checks the printed result against the customer’s expectation. When the print is out of tolerance, the press operator uses MeasureColor’s suggestions to correct for color deviations. Press operators reduce make-ready time and waste, and customers receive color-accurate prints with color consistency across multiple print runs and multiple print suppliers.

Synchronize with GMG OpenColor projects
MeasureColor version 23.2 keeps the digital color targets defined in GMG OpenColor projects up-to-date in MeasureColor. MeasureColor’s Reference Manager shows which color targets come from GMG OpenColor and whether they have synchronized to the latest version — all automatically in the background.

We take it even a step further. If color targets are not in sync, MeasureColor warns you to update them to the latest state when creating a MeasureColor job. Your MeasureColor jobs will always have the most up-to-date color targets, which results in happy customers and higher productivity.

GMG OpenColor specifications
Check with your local GMG representative for the latest version of GMG OpenColor and the GMG OpenColor to MeasureColor connector.