Dot gain and CTP curves

Dot gain and gray balance control are the heart of image color consistency

When measuring color quality, dot gain is an important quality indicator, especially to check images in CMYK, CMYKOGV, etc. MeasureColor lets you analyze dot gain behavior in detail and compare the target dot gain curve to the printed result. In the same view, you’ll see if the solids were printed ok or not. You can compare multiple colors to analyze dot gain spread or zoom in on individual colors and examine them in full detail.

You can create CTP curves to compensate for incorrect dot gain on press. Import your existing curve and re-calculate the new CTP curve. This curve-on-curve iteration saves a lot of time and money as you no longer must start from a linear printed test form. MeasureColor calculates the optimum CTP-curve compensation to use in your CTP-system (RIP). MeasureColor generates all necessary information to determine the correct ink layer thickness and calculate the corresponding CTP compensation curves. Export the curves in your prepress system’s format. We support CTP-curve file formats such as Agfa Apogee, Caldera, Esko Curve Pilot, Fuji XMF, GMG ColorServer, Kodak Harmony, ISO CTP, Tab Delimited text, etc. We constantly update to other vendors’ file types. Please get in touch with us for more details.