Digital color targets

Create a smart system to keep track of your digital color targets and ICC profiles

MeasureColor’s Reference Manager lets you manage your color targets with more ease than ever before. The color targets are grouped in Color Books and organized by Printing Condition. A printing condition is a combination of printing technique, ink type, substrate, M-condition, etc. You either store color targets as generic for different printing conditions or arrange them under the appropriate printing condition – organizing them as master colors and/or dependent colors.

You add color targets to the color library in many ways. You either measure color samples with your spectrophotometer directly in the MeasureColor Reference Manager or import individual colors as CxF, MIF, or CSV. CGATS.17 is a widespread file format to exchange color information between systems. You can import CGATS.17 files and N-Color ICC profiles with up to 15 colors. MeasureColor identifies process and spot colors in ICC profiles and Extended Color Gamut profiles. Target densities and dot gain are calculated upon import, and when available, we store full spectral curves.

With MeasureColor, you connect directly with color targets used in your GMG OpenColor projects and with your PantoneLIVE database.