ChromaTrack – best match

ChromaTrack helps your press operators to set up print jobs faster. No more guesswork

When you work with digital color targets and use ∆E to show color deviation and color tolerances, it is impossible to determine if a color is either too bright, too dark, too yellow, too blue, too green or too red based on the ∆E number alone. Although CIE-Lab and CIE-XYZ are helpful to analyze the spectral behavior of color, they’re not enough to give you clear advice on how to correct the color.

Our MeasureColor ChromaTrack best match technology helps to adjust inks quickly, eliminating ‘guesswork’ and loss of expensive press-time — no more trial and error. MeasureColor shows you where you are and suggests the shortest route to the color target.

ChromaTrack is a prediction model that helps the press operator decide if the color correction is a simple density correction or if the ink recipe needs adjustment. Export the measured color as a CxF to import in the ink formulation software of your choice.

With ChromaTrack, you save considerably on expensive press time, increase productivity dramatically, and improve color consistency to the satisfaction of your customers.

MeasureColor’s open communication structure allows sending print quality data to many 3rd-party Print Quality Program systems, including Schawk ColorDrive, Phototype PQM, X-Rite ColorCert ScoreCard, etc.

Please also check our section on MeasureColor Reports!