MeasureColor Technology & Solutions meeting

Thursday May 30 from 3 pm to 6 pm

Venue: DRUPA Conference Center (CCD Stadthalle, Room 12)

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Join us where MeasureColor technology meets innovation.

Some of the topics we‘ll present:

How to reduce annoying waste and downtime on HP Indigo presses because of color issues?

Many printers spend a lot of time on press recalibration because of unavoidable color drifts. With the MeasureColor Drift compensation tool, you reduce machine downtime dramatically, reducing waste and increasing productivity.

What are the benefits of PQX – Print Quality eXchange – to share measurements with Print Buyers?

PQX is an industry-standard file format to share print measurement data with print buyers across your supply chain. The PQX is a cost-effective, easy, and software-independent way to communicate print-quality data.

What is the key to successful Extended Color Gamut printing?

Extended Color Gamut printing has a lot of economical advantages: increased uptime of the press, reduced waste, no color change-overs, etc. How can MeasureColor help to implement such a process successfully?

Why is data-driven process optimization the key to increasing productivity?

By measuring a color bar during print production, you collect all the data you need to have insight into process fluctuations. Data-driven analysis helps to identify where print process improvements benefit your bottom line.

What are the trends in the world of spectrophotometers?

A lot is going on in this world. From in-line measuring devices all the way to pocket-size and high-quality spectrophotometers. The choice is yours. 

Why is creating a ‘single source of color-truth’ so important to improve color accuracy and consistency?

With the synchronization capability between GMG OpenColor and MeasureColor, you use the same digital color targets for proofing in prepress and color verification during print production — the reliable way to build your single source of color truth.


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