MeasureColor Technology Conference


Thursday, May 30, 2024

DRUPA Convention Center CCD Süd

Room 12 – First floor
3 pm until 6 pm
Snacks and drinks included

MeasureColor meets innovation. Speakers program: 

Kickoff by Mark Verbist
Director of Business Development at Colorware

MeasureColor is designed to enhance your experience – it’s about ease of use for the operator, collecting color measurements during print production for gradual process improvement, and integrating with what you already invested in.

HP Indigo workflow by Erik Koldenhof
Co-Founder and Technical Director at Colorware

HP Indigo presses often exhibit color drifts, which can take considerable time to correct. Erik demonstrates how the new export LUT function in MeasureColor can save a significant amount of time. This method speeds up production and reduces machine downtime significantly.

ProCure & MeasureColor by Carlen Claeys and Dirk Goethals
TEC Manager at Athena Graphics and Business Unit & Sales Manager at Athena Graphics

Athena Graphics, operating in Belgium, the Netherlands, and France, integrates MeasureColor technology into its ProCure offering. Carlen and Dirk explain how Athena Graphics leverages its expertise as a leading PreMedia agency, along with MeasureColor technology, to assist its customers in establishing consistent and cost-effective printing processes.

Color as a single source of truth by Bill DeWal
Director of Sales for North Central Region at GMG Americas

By using consistent digital color targets for proofing in prepress and color verification during print production, you establish a reliable standard for color accuracy. Bill explains how this approach will lead to improved color prediction for brand owners and more efficient printing processes.

Vision on the Future by Erik Koldenhof
Co-Founder and Technical Director at Colorware

Colorware is at the forefront of developing technology for current and future challenges. What’s on the horizon? How does Erik envision the future, and how will customer feedback shape upcoming versions of MeasureColor technology?

The coming revolution in color measurement by Dan Uress
CEO at Colorware USA

New devices and software platforms are disrupting color measurement as we know it. Join Dan Uress as he introduces these new systems and capabilities, bringing color measurement where it has never gone before.

MeasureColor Teams empowers color measurement at Coca-Cola by Jay Sperry
Senior Manager Print Quality at The Coca-Cola Company

Traditionally, Aluminum Can color measurement has required large, expensive instruments, which has slowed adoption in the industry. Jay Sperry shares his success using ultra-portable spectrophotometers to gain measurements in new ways.

Practical information:

May 30 from 3 pm until 6 pm
DRUPA Convention Center CCD Süd
Room 12, First floor
including snacks and drinks