MeasureColor 24.1

X-Rite i1 Pro 3

X-Rite i1 Pro versions 1 and 2 have been popular devices for a long time. MeasureColor 24.1 also connects to the i1 Pro 3 version of this popular product family.

NIX Spectro L

Nix supplies pocket-size, low-cost, and yet very powerful spectrophotometers. Next to the previously supported Spectro2 with a 31-channel sensor we now also support the Nix SpectroL with a 9-channel sensor. Both devices can measure in M0, M1 and M2 and come in 2mm and 8mm apertures.

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Average measurements

Printing processes can introduce variations in color across a single sheet due to factors like ink distribution, paper characteristics, and printing technique. Averaging color measurements helps minimize these variations’ impact, ensuring a more consistent and uniform appearance of the printed material. MeasureColor 24.1 allows measuring in multiple positions – left, middle, right – on a printed sheet and averaging these measurements in MeasureColor. This averaged result is compared with the target color of the job.

MeasureColor Reports

Improvements on Auto Import

MeasureColor users typically use handheld or scanning spectrophotometers to store color measurements in the MeasureColor database. The Automatic SVF Importer module allows for automatically importing color data into MeasureColor without user interference. By importing data into MeasureColor, you also ensure all captured data is analyzed using the same references, conditions, and scoring details. In MeasureColor Reports, this becomes a valuable source for further process analysis and process improvement.

Learn more about the Auto Import capabilities in the MeasureColor WIKI section.

Wide screen list view

MeasureColor user interface is touch screen ready with large buttons for easy navigation on a touch screen monitor. From a better overview of job lists and measurement lists, we added support for wide-screen monitors. This offers even better navigation, and when you change column widths, MeasureColor remembers the setting when you log in again.

MeasureColor Reports


There is always room for improvement. What makes us different is that we pay a lot of attention to the details and continuously fix what is not working quite how you need it. When you see something that needs fixing or improving, … please let us know. Your input and opinions are critical in making our product better and more efficient in achieving your goals. 

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