MeasureColor 23.2

Synchronize GMG OpenColor color targets

What your customers see on the proof is what they expect to see in print. Using the same color targets for proofing and on press makes this possible. MeasureColor 23.2 guarantees that the digital color targets defined in GMG OpenColor projects are kept up-to-date in MeasureColor.

The MeasureColor Reference Manager shows clearly which color targets come from GMG OpenColor, and whether they are synchronized and up to date — all automatically in the background.

Overview MC MultiSpot

We’ve taken it even a step further – when you create a MeasureColor job with color targets from your GMG OpenColor project, and one or more color targets were changed in GMG OpenColor, MeasureColor will warn you so you can synchronize to the latest state. Your MeasureColor jobs will always have the most up to date color targets, keeping your customers satisfied.

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Veoria DeltaOne and DeltaWeb integration

Measuring colors and color bars offline can frequently be time-consuming, especially in a roll-to-roll printing process – you must stop the press every time you take a measurement.

Integrating Veoria’s DeltaOne and DeltaWeb measurement systems with MeasureColor allows you to measure colors and color bars at printing speed without stopping the press. Veoria’s inline scanning devices help save measurement time while collecting all the data you need simultaneously and automatically.

To maintain the best possible quality, you already understand the need to capture and analyze production measurements to measure production efficiency and color accuracy. The more data you capture, the better you can understand your process. As you use this information to improve,  you reduce waste and increase productivity. DeltaOne and DeltaWeb are designed in such a way to bring greater measurement efficiency to your narrow web printing presses with a very fast return on investment (ROI).

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Bug fixes

There is always room for improvement. What makes us different is that we pay a lot of attention to the details and continuously fix what is not working quite the way you need it. When you see something that needs fixing or improving, … please let us know. Your input and opinions are critical in making our product better and more efficient in achieving your goals.

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