Veoria and MeasureColor strategic partnership


Veoria and MeasureColor announce strategic partnership

See the integrated solution at LabelExpo in Brussels

September 11 to 14, 2023

Amsterdam, 3 August 2023 – Veoria and MeasureColor proudly announce their strategic partnership and joint participation in LabelExpo Europe in Brussels. This collaboration combines Veoria’s cutting-edge inline spectral scan-measuring technology, DeltaOne, with MeasureColor’s proven print-process control software, revolutionizing inline color measurement in the printing industry, particularly for narrow web roll-to-roll processes.

Integrating MeasureColor’s color management software with Veoria’s DeltaOne inline spectral scan-measuring devices creates a powerful solution that empowers press operators with real-time, actionable insights for efficient corrective actions during the print process. By collecting spectral data at print speed, DeltaOne enables MeasureColor’s software to propose optimal adjustments, ensuring accurate and consistent color without any guesswork.

Mark Verbist, Business Development Director for MeasureColor, stated, “The integrated system goes beyond real-time guidance by leveraging the accumulated data from DeltaOne. MeasureColor’s advanced color analytics capabilities allow for in-depth analysis, uncovering hidden challenges, and identifying areas for improvement in the printing process. This holistic approach allows printers to enhance productivity, reduce waste, and achieve exceptional results — all without interrupting the printing process to take a measurement.”

Jonathan Constant, Technical Director at Veoria, added, “A key feature of the Veoria and MeasureColor partnership is the shared user-friendly interface, providing operators with a seamless experience. By consolidating all essential information into a single operator view, the solution eliminates the need for operators to navigate between multiple screens or software user interfaces. This streamlined approach significantly improves efficiency, reduces errors, and enables operators to make informed decisions quickly.”

Veoria and MeasureColor invite attendees of LabelExpo 2023 to visit their booth 8B51 – Hall 8, where they can experience the integrated solution firsthand and discover how it can enhance color consistency and repeatability in their production process.

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About Veoria
Veoria is an innovative provider of inline spectral scan-measuring solutions for the printing industry. Their flagship products, DeltaOne and DeltaWeb, offer real-time color measurement capabilities for 100% of production, enabling print process optimization and enhanced print quality. Veoria’s innovative solutions empower printers to achieve accurate and consistent color results.

About MeasureColor
MeasureColor software technology is a trusted name for print process control and color quality assurance, catering to the needs of the printing industry. Their advanced software solutions enable printers to streamline workflows, ensuring accurate color reproduction across various substrates and printing technologies. MeasureColor’s user-friendly interface and powerful analytics capabilities make it the preferred choice for printers worldwide seeking optimal color quality combined with a consistent printing process.

Read more about our partnership with Veoria  –  The company website of Veoria can be found here.