MeasureColor Reports 23.1


MeasureColor Reports goes to the next level. The migration from .NET 6 to .NET 7 makes a lot of sense because it enhances performance dramatically.
One of our largest customers works with a MeasureColor Reports database of over 1 billion measurements. They fly through it like a whirlwind. Efficient and at the speed they expect from a business-critical data-analysis platform.

Security improvements

MeasureColor Reports holds all your production data. We help secure your data, and you reduce potential vulnerabilities with every minor or major update or upgrade. Also, with this version 23.1, we add the latest and greatest to safeguard your data and those who access it.

OK-sheet score in a bar chart

Working with an OK-sheet is one of the nice little features in MeasureColor Production. When you transfer the data to MeasureColor Reports 23.1, the bar chart shows the score (red) of the measurement where you applied the OK-sheet function.


As always, we fix some bugs with each release of MeasureColor Reports. When you see something that needs fixing or improving, … please let us know. Your input and opinions are valued so we can continue building the technologies you need and so you can continue to grow into the efficient production environment you strive to become.