Fogra Symposium July 2022

FOGRA Colour Management Symposium

July 6-7, 2022, Munich, Germany

MeasureColor technology bridges the world of color communication between Brand owners, PreMedia agencies, and Printing companies.

We are exhibiting, so come and discuss your challenges with us. The event is full of interesting speakers, and it is a great opportunity to network and expand your knowledge.

Register here for the FOGRA Colour Management Symposium: Go to Fogra Symposium information

Some of the topics we are looking forward to:

  • Managing customer expectations
  • Modern color workflows
  • Multicolor packaging implementations
  • Commercial, industrial, and packaging
  • Packaging color proofing and ECG
  • Color communication and the future of color management


Let us know what you would be interested in. Fill out the contact form here below.

Come and see us there. We’ll prepare coffee and a listening ear.