NEW in MeasureColor 21.3

New Operator View – There’s no time to waste

Press operators are not color scientists, so don’t expect them to understand complex Lab-graphs, Lch-plots, or meaningless ∆E deviations. They don’t have time to translate the complex color science stuff into corrective actions. Operators need straightforward answers to the questions: Can I fix the problem quickly on my press, or do I need help from my colleagues? Clear instructions increase press efficiency. Often, the answer is as easy as – I need to put more ink on the substrate – I need to put less ink on the substrate – The ink recipe is not OK, so I need new ink because putting more or less ink on the substrate will not get me closer to the required result.

The new operator view takes them just seconds to understand what’s needed to improve the print result. We bring all necessary information together in one screen and use clear-to-understand icons so the operator can quickly see which colors or issues need attention:

  • A Green checkmark indicates all is OK
  • A warning triangle indicates that the result improves by some increase or decrease of density/ink transfer.
  • A stop sign indicates that the operator cannot achieve the required color target with the ink currently in the machine. An ink recipe change is needed.

Keeping track of overall performance is easy with the traffic light. The trendline on the bottom of the screen helps to follow each measurement result and monitor consistency throughout the print run.

With the new balance-icon, it is even possible to check left-to-right color uniformity across the printing width.








When you need more detailed information about colors and their behavior – no problem. We combine ChromaTrack prediction and dot gain information in one clear overview. When required, you export color measurements as a CxF via the ‘export for InkFormulation’-button. This CxF opens in your preferred ink formulation software package, where you correct ink recipes.

Feature description: Specific user interfaces.