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Welcome to MeasureColor Color management for print & packaging professionals


Measure, Improve & Report on color quality Dedicated features for offset, flexo, gravure, digital


Fast ROI. Proven track record Calculate your own Return On Investment


Complete overview of print quality Web based reporting. Any time, any where.


Freedom of choice Supports majority of measurement devices.

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One solution that brings color measurement all together. One networked platform capable of measuring any print process and providing a simple, easy to use interface that anyone can quickly understand. A modular, app-based environment where each segment of the print process can be monitored and controlled. A product that allows your choice of measurement instrument from a number of industry leading manufacturers. Measure everything from spots, quality control strips, to full width colorbars, the choice is yours when you MeasureColor.

Solutions for

Process Control



No more guesswork. No more loss of time. MeasureColor is the perfect tool for operators in offset, flexo, gravure and digital print environments.

Solutions for

Quality Assurance



See how MeasureColor and the new MeasureColor Reports system keep you informed on all stages of the printing process. Real time, 24/7.

Solutions for

Print Buyer


As a print buyer, you want to know printed results comply to your standards, no matter where the are printed.

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Please view our introduction video to the World of MeasureColor Solutions

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Customer stories

Customer Stories

“Since the introduction of MeasureColor, Global Packaging entered a new era with our ability to have essential communication about color management. Here’s clear testimony about how strongly we believe this cost-effective tool dramatically increased quality and productivity and profits…”

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